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魌he prices higher.■"Innocenzo ◆Genna, co-found〓er of Digit@lia●ns, a network ○for profes〓sionals working in d●igital field○s, agreed with Cont●e that Hua●wei should be able■ to participate ■in Italy's 5G roll◆out on equal f〓ooting with other ◆multination●al companies."H○uawei's pro〓blem i

s a publi●c relations 〓problem," Gen●na said on Thu〓rsday. "Are t●here vulnerability r〓isks with Huaw■ei? Yes, there a●re, but tha●t is true ●of every co〓mpany."Genna s○aid it was importa●nt for Ita〓ly to be open to Hua■wei."Italy has 〓a unique positi〓on among m●ajor western c●ountries when ◆it comes to China," ■Genna said,● referring to Ital■y becoming one of t●he latest European ■countries to si◆gn on to China'〓s Belt and 〓Road Init

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ei files ●lawsuit against〓 U.S. government ov●er equipment ban〓Huawei files lawsui〓t against U.S.○ governmen○t over equipm●ent banHuaw◆ei files laws◆uit agains●t U.S. governm○ent over e■quipment ban03-07-2●019 15:26 BJTChine○se tech gi○ant Huawei on Thu◆rsday said it i●s suing the United S〓tates over a law ○introduced las○t year that■ bans gove●rnment agencie◆s from buying its e○quipment.Huawe●i in a stat◆ement said it has ●filed a co

mplai■nt in a U.■S. district court● in Texas, challeng●ing the U.S. Nation■al Defense Authori◆zation Act (N●DAA), whic〓h mentioned Hua●wei and ZT◆E by name.The firm a◆rgues the restric●tions targeting i◆t are "uncon●stitutional".T〓he U.S. Con■gress has repe●atedly failed to ●produce any ●evidence to ■support its■ restrictions on Hu●awei products, Gu●o Ping, Huawei 〓Rotating Cha○irman said a■t a press confere●nce in southern Ch○inese c

ity S〓henzhen, where H◆u

awei's headqua●rters are base●d. “We ar●e compelled to t■ake this legal act●ion as a proper and

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ith or aw●arding grants o◆r loans to thi●rd parties who bu◆y Huawei equipment o●r services, withou●t any executive o●r judicial process●," Huawei said ■in the statement.○"Section 889 i●s based on num○erous false, unpr■oven, and unt●ested proposit■ions. Contrary● to the statute's pr●emise, Huawei is no○t owned, con●trolled, or i

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nflue◆nced by the C●hinese governmen■t," Song Liuping〓, Huawei's Chi〓ef Legal Office■r, told reporters ●at the press con■ference.Estimate〓s from industry ●sources sh〓ow that allowi○ng Huawei to comp●ete would reduce th■e cost of wireless i◆nfrastructure b◆y between 15 per

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